Leverage Your Time & Assets

Nanuk Real Estate Consulting, Inc. provides consulting services nationwide.  Our goal is to help companies churn out projects that are efficiently managed and profitable.  Whether we join an existing team, or to spearhead a project from beginning to end, Nanuk Real Estate 

Consulting, Inc. brings the expertise and industry experience to facilitate your vision. 

Why Choose Nanuk Real Estate Consulting, Inc.?

Benchmarking & Market Analysis

We will scrutinize potential deals taking market conditions and your goals into account. Make sure the proposed deal is worth your time and resources.

More Opportunities

With so many responsibilities, there isn’t enough time to take on additional projects.  By partnering with Nanuk Real Estate 

Consulting, Inc., you expand your ability to bring in additional revenue.


The project is documented throughout various phases so that anyone can get up to speed quickly.  This is a great asset when new team members need to be plugged in quickly and brought up to speed.  It also reassures leadership of the current status of a project at any given time.

Project Management

Use Nanuk Real Estate Consulting, Inc. to manage an entire project. Cross-functional teams will be kept on task with a common goal in mind.  We take on the daily headaches so you don't have to. 

Public Speaking

We attend preliminary negotiations, public hearings, public meetings, and business meetings on your behalf.  You have the option of being highly visible or maintaining anonymity as you observe proceedings.


Nanuk Real Estate Consulting, Inc. can best negotiate deals as a third party. We bring clarity and insight. The end result is a successful solution for all parties involved. Based upon your criteria, we scour the market and acquire property on your behalf. We also work with neighborhood interest groups to minimize your risk.

Who Are Our Clients?


Move forward with new projects and let us manage the process.  We free you from managing the finer details, such as documentation, so you can focus your attention on the big picture. Likewise, we can tie up loose ends on an existing project so you can tackle the next opportunity.

Small Businesses

Make a big impression – we’ll represent your business and negotiate on your behalf.


From transitioning, to selling, moving, outsourcing, and managing assets - we can help religious institutions and non-profits.

We’ll work with the board of directors, church leaders, and church members to bring the greatest consensus.

Explore all of your options with supporting data.