Our Projects

Our projects span from low income to luxury residential development; from single-family residences to large manufactured home parks; from standard rehabilitations to complex brown and green field development; from in-house financing to structuring deals with third party financiers. Below is a sample of development projects.

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Avalon was originally planned as an expansion of an existing manufactured home community in North Mankato, MN. In order to address neighbor concerns, the development was moved 1/4 mile west of the existing community. This put the "expansion" diagonally adjacent with almost 80 acres of public property (school and sports fields) surrounding the original (Camelot) and new (Avalon) community.

Glendive, MT

From 2011 to 2017, Nanuk worked with Centennial Homes to develop land for housing in the North Dakota and Montana oil boom areas.  

Development projects include land / home projects and manufactured home parks. A comprehensive risk assessment was conducted to minimize the impact a volatile oil market could have on this real estate project.  

Sometimes the best deal is identifying and avoiding a bad deal!

Shepherds Trail Project


This land lease community began as a rundown “trailer park” built in the 1950’s. Thanks to the innovative efforts of Nanuk, this substandard 21-site parcel was converted into 14 new two-story home sites. 


The outcome was to replace substandard housing with new housing that would improve the overall quality of homes being offered in South Lake Tahoe, CA. 

Sierra Sunrise Project


Sierra Sunrise was a proposed 52-unit development at the top of Kingsbury Grade, Lake Tahoe, NV. We chose a design with minimal ground disturbance to preserves the natural beauty of the environment.  

Nanuk Real Estate Consulting, Inc. was the owner / developer of this project and sold the land prior to final approvals in 2007.  The buyers defaulted on our seller financing, and years of litigation ensued. In 2014, the litigation was resolved.   

Nanuk is currently researching new partners to develop housing (single family, multiple family, whole ownership, fractional ownership or hotel) on this unique parcel.